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Point Broke – the film

A no-budget remake of the inestimable 90’s action classic that is Point Break

Whilst we are still in the never-ending process of finishing remaking Point Break, here’s some teasers of scenes we have done so far…

Teaser: Quarterback Punk
Teaser: Utah stalks Tyler
Teaser: The Loughborough Hitman
Teaser: That Would Be a Waste of Time
Teaser: House Bust
Teaser: A Lawyer? You Liar!
Teaser: Gotta Go Down
Teaser: Time to Rock’n’ Roll
Teaser: The Ride, the Ultimate Ride!
Teaser: Dude Cut My Hair!
Teaser: Lose Yourself and Find Yourself
Teaser: Utah? Get Me Two
Teaser: Go To The Vault