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In 2017 three friends confessed their mutual love of 90s action classic Point Break, and as a result decided they had to remake their own no-budget version: Point Broke. 

Filming was meant to happen over the course of one weekend. Five years later, after roping in dozens of friends, staging a bank robbery in a Lewes town house, and ejection from Brighton Marina for filming a car chase (filming now continuing indefinitely) they are ready to screen some of the key scenes in a theatre show: Keanu is Coming.

Come to a Keanu is Coming show to revel in Point Broke’s lack of continuity, questionable acting and absurd props – then grab your opportunity to act in your own classic Point Break scene for the show’s finale. And all under the watchful eye of the legend that is Mr Keanu Reeves.

For he has been invited… And since we have built this, he will come.

Keanu is Coming. (Hopefully)

The August 2022 pilot shows